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We first decided to start manufacturing heavy lift drones for the purpose of flying road layouts for large scale logging operations. Anyone who has experienced logging knows the hardships that come with the industry. That is why we set out to provide something that could help increase safety, and boost production. 

Throughout the years, we determined that these drones can help more than just logging companies. Now, Hilltop Aerial provides large scale drones and services to logging companies, forestry departments, tree planters, power line companies, land owners, fire departments, search and rescue operations, and so much more.

When creating our company, we made it a requirement that we are there with you every step of the way. We are a family business and will always treat our customers as part of the family.

We will provide you with everything you need to be successful with this technology. With Hilltop Aerial, you are receiving 24/7 customer support, and enhanced training to teach you pilot and crews how to use the drone quick and efficiently. We build our drones from the ground up so we know how to troubleshoot everything that goes onto the drone if something isn’t working right.



Only the Best


We Aren't Like Other Drone Companies

We don’t want to just hand you a drone. We want to work with you to help integrate it into your operation. We will be with you every step of the way until you are ready to take off on your own.


The Newest Technology

We will continue to keep growing and evolving as technology grows. We aren’t complacent people and we will continue to stay ahead of the game.


Tested and Proven

These heavy lift drones have been tested and proven to get you the most out of your drone for years to come. 

Years of experience

Companies Helped

Meet Our Team

Mark Standley JR

Mark Standley JR

Founder/Operations Manager

Mark is a 4th generation logger who has been in the Logging Industry for 29 years. He currently is Vice President of Bighorn Logging and was instrumental in creating this technology to have multiple applications in many different fields. Not only has logging been in his blood, but he was also a volunteer fire fighter at Amity Fire Department for 16 years.

Kyler Standley

Kyler Standley

Owner/Drone Builder/Pilot

The day Kyler turned 18, he turned in his application to work for Bighorn Logging while helping develop the drone technology. He worked there as a choker setter and riggin slinger for two years. Now Kyler helps run operations for Hilltop Aerial and is the lead drone builder and pilot working on ways to implement this technology into many different operations.

Madelynn Standley

Madelynn Standley


Growing up in the Logging Industry,  Madelynn became the first female logger at Bighorn Logging. She held a position at Bighorn as Chaser and worked there during summers while acheiving her Bachelor’s degree in Business. She continues to find different fields that drone technology can be useful and treats every customer and person like family.

Trevor Kent

Trevor Kent

Drone Builder/Programmer

Trevor is our lead programmer at Hilltop Aerial. He is a 2nd generation logger who has been in the logging industry for 5 years. At Bighorn Logging, he currently works as a processor operator but has worked through about every position availible. At Hilltop Aerial, he has been very helpful in pushing the limits of what drone technology can and will do for all operations.

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