Drone Products and Services 

Hilltop Aerial is here to help with our wide range of products and services. Ranging from specially manufactured drones to services, the options are endless in what we can provide for your operation.  Our customers are our number one priority and we will be there every step of the way. 

What We Provide


Hexacopter Drone

This beast will go the mile in your company being one of the most versitile drones on the market.


Quadcopter Drone

A smaller drone packed with power. For little operations, this drone is perfect for you.



We provide a variety of services like Road Layout Services, Forest Fire Protection, Training, and so much more.

If you are looking for a workhorse that is packed with power, this Hexacopter Drone is for you. Paired with high breaking strength rope, you are able to do 5000 ft road layouts up in rough terrain. Pull firehose across draws to create water barriers for fire protection. You can also pack tools, or acquire an additional water tank for spraying pesticide. You have all the options with this Heavy Lift Drone. 

  • Water and Weather Resistant
  • Return to Home Program
  • 360 Degree Movement
  • Low Battery Warnings
  • Payload Release Unit
  • 5000′ Layout Capacity
  • 30+ Minutes of Hover Time
  • 40 lbs Max Lift 
  • Foldable Propeller Arms
  • Insurance Options
  • Folded Width: 7ft 6in
  • Folded Width: 3ft 2in
  • Height: 24 1/2 inches
  • Arm Length: 28 inches
  • Optional Spray Tank Attachment

Quadcopter Drone

Are you looking for something just a little smaller and easier to travel with? Well this quadcopter is the option for you. This drone can pack lifejackets, life rings, pull 3000 ft of rope, and even spray pesticide. Add on different cameras ranging from thermal cameras to gimbal cameras to give you full visibility while flying.  

  • Water and Weather Resistant Design
  • Return to Home Program
  • 360 Degree Movement
  • Low Battery Warning Levels
  • Payload Release Unit
  • 3000′ Layout Capacity
  • 35+ Minutes of Flight Time
  • 20 lbs Max Lift
  • Foldable Propeller Arms
  • Insurance Options 
  • Width: 6 Feet
  • Height: 20 Inches
  • Folded Length: 2ft
  • Arm Length: 23 inches
  • Spray Tank Options

Repairs & Maintenance

You’ll see below a list of just some of the repairs and maintenance services that we offer. We want to make sure that your drone is working perfectly for years to come so we provide whatever is needed to get it working in such a manner. Crashed Drone? Not Working Right? Need a Tune Up? Call us so we can get you back to running your operations.

  • Full Crash Repairs
  • Drone Maintenance
  • Hardware Malfunction
  • Propeller Chips or Tears
  • Reprogramming and Calibration
  • Drone Check Ups and Tunes
  • Upgrades
  • Motor Leveling
  • Battery Malfunctions
  • Camera Malfunctions
  • Parts Replacement
  • Rewiring 
  • Firmware Upgrades and Fixes
  • Releasing Codes Shown on Drone
  • Over The Phone Repairs

Layout Services

Completing road layouts in Logging is a time consuming process that takes anywhere from a couple hours to a couple days. If the road line isn’t strung right, you can find yourself redoing it multiple times before the skyline is able to pick up over the trees. The drone can have it strung within minutes of arriving, and the only time the hooktender will touch the haywire is to connect it to the rope. 

Advantages of a Drone Completing a Layout

  • Your road layout is strung in minutes.
  • All you have to do is pull the lines around.
  • High breaking strength of rope, meaning easy pull on haywire. 
  • Rope is spooled onto yarder with haywire. 
  • The haywire is always strung over the tops of everything.
  • No more hand pulling haywire.
  • We’re there until skyline picks up.
  • We can fly in various weather conditions. 
  • More time to collect logs and send them to the mills. 

Forest Fire Prevention Services

Forest Fires have a massive impact on the surrounding area and can change directions at any time because of humidity and wind. With a drone, we have the ability to string drilled firehose over miles of land to create a water barrier that increases humidity and keeps fires from spreading. 

Advantages of a Drone in the Fire Service

  • Fly firehose over the tops of trees and connect it to any pressurized water vehicle. 
  • Target a large area. 
  • Access hard to reach hotspots. 
  • A birds eye view of different areas. 
  • Wet the trees from top to bottom within 30 minutes. 
  • In line pressure regulators for the firehose. 
  • String firehose over roofs for structure protection.
  • Increase the humidity in places with devastatingly low readings. 
  • String multiple lines of firehose across draws for larger coverage. 
  • Always readily available at any time of the day. 
  • Lower costs with this ground breaking technology. 

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