Firefighting and Water Rescue

Heavy Lift Drones in the Fire Service are becoming increasingly sought out due to their wide range of capabilities that they can accomplish. With Hilltop Aerial, you have the ability to have some of the most versatile drones on the market. 

Packing Tools

Pack wildland tools, fire shelters, extinguishers, hand tools, and so much more.

Water Rescue

Send a lifejacket or life ring out to someone in distress within seconds.

Search and Rescue

Use the camera on the drone to search for people in the water or in hard to reach areas.

The Big Screen

Connect the camera on the drone to a TV to have an even wider view of the area.

Forest Fire Prevention

Drag drilled firehose over the tops of trees and connect to create a water barrier from top to bottom.

Thermal Imaging

With Thermal Imaging cameras, heat spots show up right onto your screen.


Top Service for Your Department

In the fire and safety service, it is imperative to have working equipment 100% of the time. That is why we strive to make sure that happens. If your drone isn’t working right or if it needs a tune up, we will be there for you and ensure that your drone is working in excellent condition. 


100% Customizable for Your Department

We can customize your drone in whatever you need for your department. We manufacture our drones so that equipment can be easily added if needed. 


Safer Rescue Procedures

Deployment time is quick and eay to get the drone into the air without having to risk a rescue member’s safety in the water. Save a life quicker without having to risk another. 

How the Drone Helps in Water Rescue

In lifesaving procedures, seconds could mean the difference between a life saved or life lost. In water rescue alone, departments often find time slipping away very quickly. 

There are many different ways to combat this but one option is a heavy lift drone. On each of our drones, there is a release system hardwired to the bottom. This means that they have the ability to carry lifejackets, inflatable rafts, and liferings out to someone in distress. Within seconds, you can provide someone with a floatation device so that they can await rescue from coast guard or boat. 

You will also find that there is a camera included with the drone that can be used for search and rescue. Send the drone out on the water to help recover someone out of sight and hover the drone over until rescue arrives. You can even find someone with the camera first, and mark their location to fly back and grab a lifering to give them in minutes. 

The options are endless when these drones get put to use. Upgrade your drone to include a FLIR Thermal camera to spot heat spots in the water or around dense areas. With drones, you have the chance to save a life quick and efficiently. 

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Saving a Life is Worth More Than Anything

View our Products and Services page to see how heavy lift drones can impact your rescue procedures in a huge way.

Client Testimonials

We are able to call Madelynn or Kyler at any time if we’re having a problem with the drone or need maintenance for it. They’ve helped us get the drone fixed and ready to fly in no time at all. 

Mike Holmgren

Elkhorn Logging

Since the drone and tether rope goes on top of the buffers and obstacles in a straight line, our logging road changes get clear without hang-ups from limbs or damaging trees.

John M. Nygaard

Warrenton Fiber Company/Nygaard Logging

Within 10 minutes the drone located the male and he was brought to safety, evaluated and reunited with his family. With out this technology, efforts would have extended longer and the outcome unknown.”

Blake Paulsen

Garibaldi Fire Department

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